Hiden Isochema

Hiden Isochema

Hiden Isochema is a world leader in the design and manufacture of analytical gas and vapor sorption instruments.

We offer a range of gravimetric and manometric analyzers for measuring the equilibria and kinetics of gas and vapor sorption by materials. Our product range also includes dedicated breakthrough analysis, membrane permeation analyzers and climate control systems.

Our IGA gravimetric analyzers measure equilibrium isotherms and sorption kinetics, allowing determination of the solubilities and diffusivities of different gas and vapor species in membrane materials. Operating pressures from vacuum to 20 bar and a temperature range from 77 K to 1000°C allow measurements under conditions relevant to most practical purification and separation processes.

IGAsorp dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) analyzers are specifically designed for water and organic vapors and allow measurements over a wide relative humidity (RH) range. Water or organic vapor pressure is controlled by mixing dry and saturated flow streams, while maintaining a high level of thermal stability in the microbalance chamber. Sample measurement temperatures range from 5°C to 300°C.

Our XEMIS range of gravimetric sorption analyzers, meanwhile, use unique exosensing microbalance technology and are designed for high accuracy measurements up to 200 bar and with corrosive gases. Both our IGA and XEMIS analyzers can be coupled to Hiden Analytical quadrupole mass spectrometers, allowing downstream analysis of gas composition under flowing conditions.

The MBR is a dedicated membrane permeation analyzer, with integrated mass spectrometer and full automation.
For more information on our products, please visit hidenisochema.com.

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