Conference Topics

Topics include:

Organic solvent nanofiltration
Membrane reactors
Membrane contactors
Gas separation
Pervaporation and membrane distillation
Electro-membrane processes
Membrane fouling: modelling and mitigation
Transport models
Fluid dynamics
Module design

3D printing of membranes
Novel membrane materials
1D- and 2D-materials for membranes
Inorganic membranes (metal, zeolite, metal oxide)
MOF and COF membranes
Sustainable membrane manufacturing
Biomimetic and bioinspired membranes
Responsive and highly selective membranes
Ageing in polymer membranes
Novel fabrication methods
Ion-transport and mixed conductors’ membranes
Facilitated transport membranes
Novel characterisation methods

Environmental remediation
Industrial applications and scale-up
Waste and resource recovery
Membranes for harsh environments
Challenging separations (e.g. olefin/paraffin)
CO2 capture and utilisation
Bio-separations and bio-refinery
Bio-medical applications
Water treatment
Food processing
Paper and pulp industries
Membrane emulsification
SOFC / fuel cells / flow batteries
Whole life cycle evaluation of membrane processes
Membranes for developing countries

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