The history of ICOM starts in 1984 with the Europe-Japan Congress on Membranes and Membrane Processes held in Stresa, Italy. This followed the foundation of the Membrane Society of Japan in 1978 and of the European Membrane Society in 1982. Following the foundation of the North American Membrane Society, the presidents of MSJ and EMS scheduled the first ICOM conference in 1987 in Japan with NAMS added as a member of the organising committee. With the foundation of the Aseanian Membrane Society in 2001, the organisation of ICOM conferences every three years - alternatively in Asia, North America and Europe - by local committees on behalf of the 3 founding societies was set. This was formalised by the World Association of Membrane Societies (WA-MS) in 2017.

The 12th edition in London will follow the successful gatherings in Tokyo (1987), Chicago (1990), Heidelberg (1993), Yokohama (1996), Toronto (1999), Toulouse (2002), Seoul (2005), (Honolulu (2008), Amsterdam (2011), Suzhou (2014) and San Francisco (2017).


8-12 June 1987

Tokyo, Japan

Chairs: Masayuki Nakagaki, Enrico Drioli


20-24 August 1990

Chicago, USA

Chair: Norman Li


30 Aug - 3 Sept 1993

Heidelberg, Germany

Chairs: R. Ratenbach, J. J. Vier, R. N. Lichtenthaler


18-23 August 1996

Yokahama, Japan

Chairs: Shoji Kimura, Takeo Shimizu


12-18 June 1999

Toronto, Canada

Chairs: Doug Lloyd, Jim Davis


7-12 July 2002

Toulouse, France

Chairs: John Howell, Roger Ben Aïm, Pierre Aimar, Corinne Cabassaud


21-26 August 2005

Seoul, Korea

Chairs: Tae Moon Tak, Un Young Kim


12-18 July 2008

Honolulu, Hawaii

Chairs: Ingo Pinnau, Benny Freeman, Yoram Cohen


23-39 July 2011

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Chairs: Kitty Nijmeijer, Antoine Kemperman, Matthias Wessling


20-25 July 2014

Suzhou, China

Chairs: Congjie Gao, Juin-Yih Lai, Wanqin Jin, Xiaolin Wang


29 July – 4 August 2017

San Francisco, USA

Chairs: Glenn Lipscomb, Ranil Wickramasinghe


12-17 July 2020

London, UK

Chairs: Davide Mattia, Andrew Livingston, Kang Li, John Chew



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